Assault charges are one of the top ten most charged offenses in Arizona, and the state divides these charges into assault and aggravated assault.

Assault Charges in Arizona

ARS §13-1203

Pursuant to ARS 13-1203, a person can be charged with simple assault by making a threat of violence or by causing any physical injury to another person.

Aggravated Assault in Arizona

ARS §13-1204

A simple assault can become a felony (ARS 13-1204) if aggravating factors are found including:

  • Causing Serious Physical Injury
  • Use of Deadly Weapon/Dangerous Instrument
  • If the Victim Is 15 or Younger
  • If the Victim Was Restrained
  • Defendant Entered Private Home
  • Victim Is Police Officer, Firefighter, Teacher, Prosecutor, ETC.

The potential sentence for an assault conviction ranges from mere fines to lengthy terms of incarceration.  The circumstances of the crime and your criminal history will be major considerations in the penalty imposed.

If you are facing an assault charge, in Phoenix, Arizona, it is important that you receive legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight to prove your innocence and/or fight to ensure you receive the shortest sentence possible.

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