Breath Test

The breath testing instruments used by the police are not always as accurate and reliable as people seem to think. The instruments have limitations and are calibrated using assumptions that every person is “average” when, in fact, physiology and metabolism can vary greatly. Breath test results can be attacked in court by a knowledgeable attorney who is trained in fighting DUI cases.

Blood Test

The Law Offices of Robert A. Butler works with trained criminalists to find violations and errors in the blood testing process and challenge the results in court.

There are several ways to challenge blood test results. We have discovered problems with the blood draw, the chain of custody, the sample preparation, the actual testing and even the instruments calibration.  In many cases, we send a sample of the blood taken from our clients to a private lab to have it retested.

We know how to challenge breath and blood tests.  We work hard to find a way to get DUI charges dismissed.  Call the Law Office of Robert A. Butler today for free consultation.