On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, I was standing with a client in front of a Judge in the Tempe Municipal Court. The judge was a highly regarded member of the judiciary.

Three days later, that same Judge was arrested for allegedly stabbing his wife multiple times. That Judge is Thomas Robinson. Judge Robinson is now a defendant in the very criminal system that he was a part of his whole career.

Judge Robinson’s wife is a victim of the alleged crime. By all accounts, she has suffered horrific physical and emotional injuries.

Going forward, the two primary focuses of the case against Judge Robinson should be the interests of the Mrs. Robinson and to seek justice.

Judge Robinson’s case represents a huge opportunity for Bill Montgomery or any other involved prosecutor seeking to advance or continue a political career. By offering a harsh plea deal and seeking extreme penalties, a political platform will be established. Hard on crime and willing to punish even people in a position of authority and power.

This case must not be allowed to become a political tool. The end result has to be based on justice and fairness. The prosecutors must be required to make decisions with transparency. The decision should be made based upon principles, with consideration for the interests of Mrs. Robinson and the good of the community.

Mrs. Robinson’s victim rights must be honored. She should be allowed to take an active role in the process and have a say in the final resolution. Her ability to heal and find peace cannot be ignored in favor of political advancement.

Likewise, Judge Robinson should be afforded due process and fair treatment regardless of his former career.

At the Law Offices of Robert A. Butler, we work hard to ensure that our client’s rights are protected and that decisions are based upon the interests of justice.